Our Management Team

As a business, which develops three-dimensional brand environments, Walbert-Schmitz positions itself at the forefront with an extended management team. This is our understanding of corporate development and culture.

With the respective expertise for the individual areas of business, together we find answers to the complex challenges of the creation and realisation of trend-setting brand experiences.

We use synergies optimally, lead our business with flexibility, agility and know-how in differing situations.

50 years of company history

In 2016 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Reaching this milestone allowed us to look back over 50 years of company history and also 50 years of history of our time, which have shaped our journey.

50 successful years have been achieved through skills, opportunities, motivation, ability and a little luck​ now and then. Above all, they have been achieved with very special people, who have worked together on joint targets.

Our Social Commitment

Actively promoting social and interpersonal values is extremely important to us. We believe that as a company we also benefit from a strong social environment and joint activities benefit us in every respect.

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